Curing 100 incurables.

TMJ / Post Concussion / Ménière's / Whiplash
A Not-for-Profit Project.

Curing TMJ / Post Concussion / Ménière's / Whiplash and other similar conditions.

The goal with the Curalistic project is to cure and publish the cases of 100 people with "chronic" illnesses. Common to all of them is that the doctors have given up, thrown in the towel and told them that they do not know what is wrong or how to cure them. Essentially, these people have been given  a life sentence and been asked to accept their situation.

Curalistic is run by Gustav Grundsøe and is free to participate in provided you will allow your case to be published.

Below you will see the video cases of the recoveries so far. Recovery is achieved by implementing a range of techniques: self applied trigger point massage, learning how to breathe correctly, how to start sleeping well, how to de-stress and more. The cases are snap-shots of how they are doing now but the ambition is to get every participant to at least a 95% recovery.

The project is a nonprofit project.

TMJ Cases

Mary - TMJ
85% Recovery.

Jamie - TMJ
44% Recovery.

Tabitha - TMJ
80% Recovery.

75% Recovery.

Michele - TMJ
53% Recovery.

Jeremy - TMJ
70% Recovery.

Min - TMJ
70% Recovery.

Jenny - TMJ
66% Recovery.

Sky - TMJ
75% Recovery.

Post Concussion Syndrome / Whiplash Cases.

Line - PCS
85% Recovery.

Jessie - PCS
60% Recovery.

Andrew - PCS
80% Recovery.

Juan - PCS
55% Recovery.

Gitte - Whiplash
46% Recovery.

Meniere's Disease.

Jessica - Meniere's
70% Recovery.

Jonelle - Meniere's
70% Recovery

Other Diagnosis.

Vildan - Fitness Injury
80% Recovery.

Scott - Tinnitus
50% Recovery

Jan - No Diagnosis
50% Recovery.

Angelica - No Diagnosis
65% Recovery.