Mary, TMJ

85% Recovery

4 Years ago, Mary went through a stressful period. At the same time she had an infecting in a tooth which had to be removed. Facial pain, jaw pain, sinus pain never went away. She went to dentists and oral surgeons and was diagnosed with both TMJ/TMD and atypical facial pain. She had multiple procedures done, taken prescription drugs, etc. but nothing helped.

She started on a free online Curalistic program consisting of self-applied massage, meditation, breathing exercises and more, and now 4  months later, her symptoms have reduced by 85% which is an extremely fast recovery - one of the fastest I have witnessed.

The next couple of months will be very exciting to see if the improvements continue at this pace.

85% improvement.

Mary's Story

0% Improvement

69% Improvement

85% improvement.

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If you suffer from a similar condition, I would love to hear from you! My help is free as long as you accept that I document your journey in the same way as I am with Andrew. Currently I an helping more than 20 people get well, but I especially need participants from the US and UK. I am especially interested in hearing from people with diagnosis such as Post Concussion Syndrome, Whiplash, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, TMJ, Menieres Disease.

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