The Program - Step by Step

Follow these steps - don't skip any!

Complete step 1 first, then step 2 and so on...


Understand why you are sick.

Watch the video to get a quick understanding of why you are sick.

Diagnoses: TMJ/TMJD, Fibromyalgia, Post Concussion, Whiplash, Meniere's Disease, Tinnitus,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Vestibular Migraine, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, Trigeminal Neuralgia (when misdiagnosed), Occipital Neuralgia, Dystonia, Cervical Instability,and hundreds of other diagnosis.


Boost your motivation with the success stories and people who've healed.

You need to be convinced this will work. I have documented the recovery of more than 20 patients with TMJ, Post Concussion, Meniere's and many other diagnosis here. Most have recovered by more than 70% and are still improving:



Success Stories:


Read/Listen to my book!

You need to understand what is wrong with you and what to do to recover before starting. So, first step is to read/listen to my book:




STO Handbook:


Join my Facebook group for support.

I and all the people doing the program are handing out advice, support and answering questions in this Facebook group:




Join Group:


Buy Backnobber 2

The most important purchase is a Backnobber (it's actually called the Backnobber 2. The backnobber 1 is made or metal and has wooded knobs whereas the Backnobber 2 is made of plastic as shown on the picture). You simply cannot complete the program without it. It can be bought online for about USD 40. If you want to follow my massage instructions don't by any ohter tool such as the Theracane or the Body Back Body. You can get a 15% discount by using this link:





Download and fill in your symptom list

Because you will forget how bad you felt when you started, I recommend you fill in the same symptom list as I use with my patients. You can see this in the Success Story videos. Down the excel sheet here:






Get a therapist / coach.

If you are chronically stressed (you are!), you'll probably benefit from talking to a therapist/coach. A good therapist/coach should be like a best friend who you can discuss and talk about everything with - without being judged. If you feel judged or in any way uneasy with your therapist/coach, you need a new one. Talk to a few until you find one you feel good with.



Find a therapist/coach in your area, or consider finding one online. By going online, you expand your choices. There are many online websites with lots of independent therapists. One such is


Become Habitual Belly Breather

Your  goal is to become a habitual belly-breather. This will stop you from getting worse by the day - it will "stabilize" you. So, I'd suggest you spend a week or two having 4 belly-breathing sessions per day of 10 minutes each. Continue until you feel your habitual breath has started to change:





Implement the sleeping program

Next, you need to follow the sleep program, so that you can start to sleep well. You should be getting at least 5 hours of deep sleep at least 4 times per week. (No need to sleep deeply for 8 hours every night).
Of course, if you are sleeping quite well, you can skip this.




Become a habitual SCM massager

Once your breath is better and you sleep better, its time to become a habitual SCM massager. Pick 4 activities (walking, driving, sitting at your computer, etc.) and perform each activity for 10 minutes per day WHILE massaging your scm muscle. We need you to be massaging the scm habitually without noticing that you are doing it whenever your hands are not occupied doing something else.




Start massaging on top of shoulder

The 3 above goals can easily occupy you for a month or two. Once you feel like those have been improved, you start with the backnobber focussing only on the top of the shoulders. 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon, and 1-2 hours at night while watching netflix (or whatever).




Start massaging the neck

Continue for many months, massaging your scm and trapezius muscles while breathing with your belly. Continue until you feel like your trigger points have reduced by 80% in the scm and top of the trapezius. Now, start massaging your the side and back of your neck.




Do you have Stress Tension Overload?