About CuraListic

Not-for-Profit self-funded project by Gustav Grundsøe.

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CuraListic was founded by me, Gustav Grundsøe. I’m originally from Denmark and have a background in Finance and Accounting. I am an ex-whiplash patient and have helped many whiplash patients over the years. Since I overcame my own whiplash I have been working to spread the knowledge of the techniques which I used myself.

The method is a mix of massage, meditation, breathing techniques, strength exercises and sleep training.

The method aims to curing whiplash sufferers, post concussion (PCS), TMJ/TMD, Menieres, and many other related diagnoses. No more pain, no more stress, no more insomnia, no more concentration and memory problems. In other words: a full recovery.

In my work I have come in to contact with many patients whose symptoms were almost identical with whiplash sufferers but whose diagnoses were different: Post Concussion Syndrome, TMJ, Menieres, etc. The vast majority of these patients will also benefit hugely from the methods and most will be able to achieve full recovery if they are willing to spend the time.

On this website you can read about how to complete a CuraListic program at home for free or you can get help from me in a number of different ways.


My Story


Many years ago I fell while snowboarding and suffered a whiplash but it wasn’t until I went through a very stressful period that my symptoms really spiraled out of control. My head started hurting more and more and I had more and more sleepless nights. I got increasingly more upset about my situation and my sleep got even worse. I had gotten stuck in the vicious circle. After half a year my situation had deteriorated and I then had all the symptoms mentioned below.

In the following period I was sent off to all kinds of experts. I visited chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and acupuncturist. I was x-ray'ed, got an MR scan and an ultra sound scan. Most of the experts had some rather convincing theories about what was wrong with me but I noticed that there was no consistency between them and the explanation changed depending on who I spoke to. In the end I had to conclude that none of them really knew what was wrong and if I wanted to feel better I had to figure it out on my own.

My breakthrough came when I went to a massage therapist and realized that I either felt better or worse when I left him (usually worse). So I concluded that the problem had to be muscular and started researching my condition online. I discovered that all of my symptoms matched the symptoms you get when you have widespread trigger points in the neck and upper back. It was an amazing day and at that point I know that ”all” I had to do was to get rid of all the trigger points. I started reading books about the anatomy of the body focused on the theory of trigger points and also realized how i was trapped in a vicious circle of stress and worry which interfered with my sleep. I experimented with many different combinations of self applied massage, meditation, strength exercises and sleep training and after many failed trials I finally started to feel better.

It took me 4 years to recover completely – an extreme long process. I now want to help other sufferers through the process so that they can avoid the mistakes I made.

My Symptoms

Below you can see a list of all the pains and other strange symptoms I experienced myself.


-Headache in the back of the head, the temples and the side of the head.
-Headache in the forehead and on the top of the head.
-A dull pain in the back of the eyes - it felt as if something was pulling my eyes from inside my skull. which made it impossible to read.
-Pain in the teeth in the back of the mouth.
-Pain in the jaw.
-Pain in my arms - especially the upper part of my arms.
-Pain in the back of the neck.
-Pain in my chest - sometimes I felt as if an iron pole was going through my entire upper body.
-Pain in all of my shoulder. The kind of numbing pain you feel if someone hits you hard on the shoulder. and it could really numb all of my arm.
-Pain in all of my back, from the middle and up.

Other Symptoms

- Sensitivity to light.
- Dizziness.
- A permanently watery eye.
- Numbness and loss of power in arms and hands - I used to drop things.
- Nausea
- A sensation of living in jelly, a dream and having a head filled with cotton.

Secondary Symptoms:

-Lack of concentration.
-Bad memory.
-Feeling drained from power
-Insomnia - I had a period of 3 months where I practically did not sleep.
-Stress and worry.