Angelica, Diagnosis Unknown

45% Recovery.

3 Years ago Angelica started noticing a number of different strange symptoms: Headaches, pains and clicks in the ears, feeling disturbances in the arms, muscular tension, short of breath, dizziness and more. Angelica spoke to doctors but never got a diagnosis other than being told she was stressed. Years prior she had a number of accidents, among these a whiplash from a bicycle accident. On top of this, thyroid issues were mentioned by another doctor.

She started on a Curalistic program (mainly self-applied massage and re-learning proper breathing) and now some 6 months later, her symptoms have decreased by 45%. We hope to see a 75% drop in symptoms in a few months.


45% reduction in symptoms.

31 Dec 2018

Angelica's Story

23 June 2018

First Symptom List

23 June 2018

Second Symptom List

12 Oct 2018

Angelica's Symptom List


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