Juan, Post Concussion

55% Recovery.

Juan' Story
Juan fell on the sidewalk and hit his head. The next week he fell again while snowboarding - this time a more serious fall. After visiting a series of doctors he was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. In the following years he was suffering from headaches, dizziness, neck/shoulder pain, sound sensitivity and more. He tried a variation of different medications and alternative treatments, but none of it had any long lasting effect.

He started on a Curalistic program (mainly self-applied massage and re-learning proper breathing) and now some 10 months later, his symptoms have decreased by 50%. It has taken longer for Juan than usual as he had to take a long break from the program due to studies.

55% reduction in symptoms.

30 Dec 2018

Juan's Story

26 Feb 2018

First Symptom List

25 Feb 2018

Second Symptom List

19 Sep 2018

Symptom List


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