Jenny, TMJ

65% Recovery


2 years ago, Jenny was in a car accident. Her car was totaled but she came our of the accident apparently unharmed. 10 Days after the accident, she started experiencing a selection of strange symptoms: Tooth aches, facial pains, head aches. She went to the dentist and had a root canal, but the pains remained. Her condition evolved into TMJ with all the familiar symptoms. Unable to walk, visual disturbances, jaw pain and much more.

Jenny started on a free online Curalistic program consisting of self-applied massage, breathing exercises and more and now , her symptoms have reduced by 60%. She is continuing the program and we expect her to be symptom free in a couple of months. Stay tuned and watch the videos of her progress below

65% reduction in symptoms.


Jenny's Story


First Symptom List


Jenny' Symptom Lists



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