Vildan, Fitness Injury

70% Recovery

3 Years ago Vildan had what appeared to be a minor accident with a fitness machine - it turned out not to be minor. For 2,5 years she  suffered from Headaches, Neck pain, a feeling of living in a jelly, light sensitivity and more. She visited multible doctors, incl. 2 neurosurgeons, 6 chiropractors, acupuncturist and more. None of it helped much.

She started on a free online Curalistic program consisting of self-applied massage, meditation, breathing exercises and more, and now 2,5 months later, her symptoms have reduced by 80%.

This page is a snap-shot of how it is going with Vildan at this very moment. This page will be updated as Vildan progresses through the program until she is completely symptom free.

70% reduction in symptoms.

16 June 2018

Vildan's Story

14 April 2018

First Symptom List

14 April 2018

Vildan's Symptom Lists


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