Line - Post Concussion

85% Recovery

3 Years ago, Line fell down the stairs and hit her head. After 2 weeks, she still felt symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, light sensitivity and much more and had to stop working. She went to many doctors but no-one could say for sure what was wrong with her. Both Whiplash and Post Concussion Syndrome  was mentioned as diagnosis. 3 Years later her situation had still not improved much.

She started on a free online Curalistic program consisting of self-applied massage, breathing exercises and more and now 4 months later, her symptoms have reduced by 50%. She is continueing the program and we expect her to be symptom free in a couple of months. Stay tuned and watch the videos of her progress below.

85% reduction in symptoms.

Line's Story

15 Sep 2018

First Symptom List

Second Symptom List

Third Symptom List

Line's Symptom Lists:


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