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5 days workshop where you will learn the CuraListic techniques so that you can treat your pain yourself when you need to. We will mainly spend the time on guided self-applied trigger point massage but will also spend some time meditating. It is entirely up to you how much you want to participate and it will be possible to rest in a quiet room whenever you need to. The massage will be focusing on all symptoms in the head region.



København 1 - 5 December

Symptoms: During the workshop we will focus on all symptoms in the head region: Head aches, pain in the neck, shoulders, jaw, teeth, eyes and so on. We will also focus on tiredness the inability to concentrate, tinnitus, sensitivity to sounds and light, dizziness and nausea. 

We will also have a bit of time to focus on other issues such as pains in the arms, back and chest but the focus will be on the symptoms in the head region.

Where / When: I am organizing workshops in all larger cities in North America (USA/Canada) and Europe. When 12 people have signed up on my waiting list in a particular area I will arrange a workshop in that city. You can then sign up if you are able to join. So, please let me know if you are interested and where you live by filling out below contact form or by writing to me on or by adding me as a friend on Facebook. When you have signed up, you will automatically receive information about the next workshop in a city close to you. If you know of others who are interested in joining then spread the word - then I will be able to organize a workshop sooner. You do NOT commit to participate just by writing me but it is important for me to know how many are interested before I go ahead and spend time organizing a workshop.


Let me know that you are interested - no commitments.

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Why? Many spend thousands of dollars every year on treatments - treatments that rarely have any long lasting effect. Why not learn how to treat yourself so that you can give yourself hundreds, even thousands of treatments for free when you need it and where you need it? Not only are you going to save a lot of money but this self treatment is far superior compared to someone else treating you. YOU are the only one in the world who can feel YOUR body and only you will be able to feel exactly where to focus the treatment. The workshop alone contains 30 hours of self treatment and 3 hours of meditation and you will get 6x30 minutes of follow up talks with me in the following 6 months.

Duration: 5 days from Thursday morning to Monday evening, but you are free to come and go as it fits you.

Accommodation: Every workshop will have rooms for 2-3 people to sleep over in a private room. In the daytime however those sleeping over need to share their room with one other participant when he/she needs to rest on a mattress next to your bed. Accommodation is an additional 500 USD for all 6 nights.


Meals: As my participants have been committed to many different diets the workshop is no longer including meals. There will be however an unlimited supply of fruit/biscuits/tea/coffee. So please either bring your own food or spend some of the breaks to go have a pizza at the local pizza man. There will be a fridge and kitchen facilities but please try to keep the preparation of cooked (smelly) food at a minimum out of consideration to the other participants.

Reserve your spot: Most important is that you fill out the above form even if you do not yet know if you can join. Then you can make up your mind finally when the workshop has been organized. Once the workshop has been organized the spots go on a first come - first serve basis so if you want to make sure you get a spot you can make a deposit of 150 USD. I cannot grantee however when the workshop will be happen, so you will always be able to get your money back if you want.

Who can participate? The workshop is for beginners as well as anyone having some experience with the techniques. Each workshop will have 6-8 participants.

What I expect of you: The only expectation is that you come with your Backnobber. And even if you don't have a backnobber you can buy if from me for 70 USD. But you will be able to buy it cheaper yourself online. Apart from that there are no expectations. Its up to you how many sessions you want to participate in and you can come and go as you wish. Everyone is in the same boat and we all know that sometimes you really just need to take a break and relax. 

Program: We will follow the same program every day and I, Gustav Grundsoe, will be guiding you.

09.00 : Massage

11.00 : Meditation

12.30 : Massage

16.00 : Massage

19.30 : Massage

( Above is an example of a typical workshop apartment. )

Venue: I will typically rent a big central apartment on AirBnB as the one shown on the pictures above.

Resting: Inflatable air mattresses will be made available for everyone so that you can rest when you need to. Those who sleep over will have to share their room during the day with 1-2 other participants who will be resting on a mattress next to the bed.

Sounds and atmosphere: As many are very sensitive to sounds the massage sessions will be done in silence. The only talk allowed is about the massage techniques. When we are not massaging the atmosphere will also be quiet so if you are a loud person, be prepared that I might ask you to turn down the volume a bit.


Without accommodation: 690 USD

With accommodation: 1.100 USD (a total of 6 nights)

Backnobber: 70 USD (If you are not bringing your own that is)